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Pregnant Mother, This Needs to Be Prepared Before Undergoing Caesarean section

Caesarean section is stressful and sometimes unpredictable. For that, pregnant women need careful preparation in order to go through the process of caesarean section calmly and smoothly. Caesarean section is usually done for pregnancies with certain conditions, such as placental disorders, pregnancy infections, narrow pelvis, and breech or transverse baby positions. Caesarean section can also be done suddenly in an emergency, for example if the delivery process takes too long or if there is fetal distress. Things That Need To Be Prepared Maintaining ideal weight gain during pregnancy is the main thing to do if Bumil plans to undergo a cesarean section. The aim is to reduce the risk of complications during surgery and recovery. In addition, there are six things that pregnant women need to do in preparation before a caesarean section, namely: 1. Prepare luggage Most pregnant women who will undergo a cesarean section need to stay in the hospital since 3-4 days before. If the doct
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Ways to Prevent Stunting in Children since Pregnancy

Stunting is one of the growth and development disorders that can occur in children. This condition causes the child to have short stature. The good news, stunting can be prevented early on, even since pregnancy. Stunting can be caused by genetic factors, poor sanitation, and lack of nutrition during pregnancy. Meeting the nutritional needs from pregnancy to a two-year-old child (the period of the first 1000 days of life) is one way that can be done to prevent stunting, of course while continuing to monitor its growth. Recognizing the Stunting Condition in Children Stunting growth disorders or short stature children can be monitored through the child's height development. Parents can monitor the child's growth by taking him to the pediatrician or posyandu regularly. Check your child's growth every month if you are under 1 year old, and every 3 months if you are 1-3 years old. Child growth will be monitored using growth curves according to World Health Organization (WH

Dull Face Care To Appear Brighter

Dull face is not only caused by hormonal changes, air, or makeup products. More than that, dull face can also occur due to improper ways of caring for and cleaning the face. Caring for a dull face does not have to use expensive facial cleansing products. There are various ways that you can easily do to treat your face and prevent it from becoming dull. Some Important Things in Caring for a Dull Face Even though you have regularly cleaned your face, some of the following important things may often be forgotten when doing dull facial treatments: Using a cleanser without aroma and foam Choose facial cleansing products without foam and aroma. It is recommended to use a cleanser that contains ceramide, because it is able to keep the skin moist. Limit the use of scrubs and fresheners who use alcohol because of the risk of causing facial skin to become more dry and dull. No less important is cleaning your face regularly, especially in the morning and evening. Use cold water when